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Window Washing

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Description du service

Windows are gateway to the outside world when we are in the house. It gives us the sense of the affinity towards the nature. Clean windows also sparkle more, allowing more natural day light in too! Our highly experienced and trained window cleaners use the most effective tools, detergents and methods to clean windows. Our window washing services ensure that you get the best possible outcome for your residential property or business premises. Window Cleaning Services and Process: 1. We assess and prepare our surface and surrounding areas; placing a waterproof material on the floor to prevent water leakage or damage. 2. Then we begin by removing any dust and debris - spray and wiping this away completely from the window and frame around it. 3. Now we wash the window with professional detergents and water to ensure the windows are clean 4. Here's where we use a squeegee to remove the water, we then have a vacuum to remove any excess water. 5. To provide the best of cleans, we will then wipe down the frames and ensure dry before spraying the window itself and drying. Please be reminded we use only professional detergents, tools and supplies to provide a professional cleaning service. Prices: • Bedsit/Studio £25 • Flat: £35 • Maisonette flat: £40 • House: £45 • Detached property: £55 Service Information • Prices start from – each price is based on one bedroom properties. • Minimum charge for booking is £60 (can be combined with other services) • We are currently only able to offer inside and ground floor outside window cleaning Pricing includes our experienced cleaners and materials, equipment and detergents

Politique d'annulation

More than 48 hours’ notice: not chargeable, if paid can be refunded in full or credited for next visit. Less than 48 hours’ notice: chargeable at £15.00 Less than 24 hours’ notice: chargeable at £30.00 Cancellations are chargeable to ensure the financial wellbeing of our cleaners is not affected.



London, UK

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