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Hard Floor Cleaning

  • 1 hour
  • From £48

Service Description

Floor is an integral part of our house, since it takes a lot. Different houses have different flooring. Different floorings have different cleaning techniques. Brilliant Cleaner hard floor cleaning team is equipped with the vast experience of hard floor cleaning. This experience is reinforced by the skills we possess. Eventually leading to shiny, dust free, pristine floors. Why replace when you it can be restored? Our hard floor cleaning service in London is suitable for: Hardwood Slate Stone Vinyl types of flooring. The service comes with a number of benefits, some of them are: Using the industry’s leading equipment, working with pet- and child-friendly solutions, using natural ingredients including citrus and pine oils. Hard Floor Cleaning Services and Process: 1. First of all, we will assess the type of surface. This is to make sure that we use the correct solutions and techniques. 2. Moving all the furniture. It is advisable to move it beforehand so that technicians won’t lose their precious time. 3. Preparing the floor by removing the dust, dirt and other debris. 4. Testing a small patch with the appropriate solution. 5. Finishing rest of the floor. 6. Let the surface dry for the recommended time. 7. Applying the protection layer(seal, polish, wax) if required. Types of treatment: • Sweeping • Suction/extraction cleaning • Polishing • Waxing Service Information: • Number of Cleaners :1 Cleaner • Visiting Hours :09.00am - 06.00pm • Contact :08000 614 189 • E-mail : Minimum charge for booking is £60 (can be combined with other services) Pricing includes our experienced cleaners and materials, equipment and detergents If you are able to provide equipment and materials, respective amount shall be reduced.

Cancellation Policy

More than 48 hours’ notice: not chargeable, if paid can be refunded in full or credited for next visit. Less than 48 hours’ notice: chargeable at £15.00 Less than 24 hours’ notice: chargeable at £30.00 Cancellations are chargeable to ensure the financial wellbeing of our cleaners is not affected.

Contact Details


London, UK

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